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Paul Edge
Business Development Director
Member of the Executive Team

Paul is an innovator, influencer and entrepreneur. In his role as CEO of TOL23 Media Group, Paul has worked with, amongst others,  companies as diverse as Microsoft, AT&T, T-Mobile, Stoneyfield Farms, WDS Global and celebrated rock bands such as Styx.

Paul has acquired multiple certifications in communication related disciplines, as well as having been certified by Google. His primary area of specialization in the digital world is pre-suasive sales and marketing strategies.

A committed studier of Milton Erickson`s work,  Paul has developed and implemented a psychological profiling system that allows people to break free from their limitations whilst providing employers an invaluable tool to increase productivity, generate a cohesive work environment, conflict resolution and develop high functioning teams.  

As a pioneering musician with a global reputation, Paul has focused his knowledge on the application on frequency as a healing modality and some people also regard him today as one of the leading authorities on sound and its potential to heal

He is passionate about the empowerment of the human race, and in his career has been actively involved in raising awareness for women's rights, racism, sex trafficking, opioid epidemic and environmental causes

Paul Edge
Curriculum Vitae
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